Preprints 2017

  • Nr. 43 A framework for compressive time-of flight 3D sensing
    S. Antholzer, C. Wolf, M. Sandbichler, M. Dielacher and M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr. 42 The quasi-optimality criterion in the linear functional strategy
    S. Kindermann, S. Pereverzyev Jr., A. Pilipenko
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  • Nr. 41 The averaged Kaczmarz iteration for solving inverse problems
    H. Li, M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr. 40 Regularized Nyström subsampling in regression and ranking problems under general smoothness assumptions
    G.L. Myleiko, S. Pereverzyev Jr., S.G. Solodky
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  • Nr. 39 On the configuration space of planar closed kinematic chains
    G. Zangerl
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  • Nr. 38 Operator learning approach for the limited view problem in photoacoustic tomography
    F. Dreier, S. Pereverzyev Jr., M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr. 37 Iterative methods for photoacoustic tomography in attenuating acoustic media
    M. Haltmeier, R. Kowar, L. V. Nguyen
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  • Nr. 36 Total variation minimization compressed sensing
    F. Krahmer, C. Kruschel, M. Sandbichler
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  • Nr. 33 Deep learning for photoacoustic tomography from sparse data
    S. Antholzer, M. Haltmeier, J. Schwab
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  • Nr. 32 Efficient regularization with wavelet sparsity constraints in PAT
    J. Frikel, M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr. 31 Analysis of the linearized problem of quantitative photoacoustic tomography
    M. Haltmeier, L. Neumann, L. V. Nguyen, S. Rabanser
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  • Nr. 30 A Galerkin least squares approach for photoacoustic tomography
    J. Schwab, S. Pereverzyev Jr., M. Haltmeier
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