Preprints 2021

  • Nr 82 A Variational View on Statistical Multiscale Estimation
    M. Haltmeier, H. Li, A. Munk
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    Nr 81 Combining reconstruction and edge detection in computed tomography
    J. Firkel, S. Göppel, M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr 80 An End-Eo-End-Trainable Iterative Network Architecture for Accelerated Radial Multi-Coil 2D Cine MR Reconstruction
    A. Kofler, M. Haltmeier, T. Schaeffer, C. Kolbitsch
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  • Nr 79 Deep Structure Learning using Feature Extraction in Trained Projection Space
    C.Angerman, M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr 78 Augmented NETT regularization of inverse problems
    S. Antholzer, M.Haltmeier
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  • Nr 77 Discretization of learned NETT regularization for solving problems
    S. Antholzer, M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr 76 Regularization of Inverse Problems by Filtered Diagonal Frame Decomposition
    A. Ebner, J. Frikel, D. Lorenz, J. Schwab, M. Haltmeier
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  • Nr 75 Photoacoustic Inversion Formulas Using Mixed Data On Finite Time Intervals
    F. Dreier, M. Haltmeier
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