Dr. Gerhard Zangerl

gerhard zangerlPostdoctoral researcher

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Phone: +43 512 507 53847
Address: Technikerstraße 13, 6020 Innsbruck - Austria
Room: 711a | 7th floor Civil Engineering Building


  • Exact series reconstruction in photoacoustic tomography with circular integrating detectors
    G. Zangerl, M. Haltmeier, and O. Scherzer
    Commun Math Sci 7(3), pp.665-678, 2009.
  • Spatial resolution in photoacoustic tomography:effects of the detector size and detector bandwidth
    M. Haltmeier, and G. Zangerl
    Inverse Probl 26(12):125002,, 2010.
  • On the Use of Frequency-Domain Reconstruction Algorithms for Photoacoustic Imaging
    R. Schulze, G. Zangerl, M. Holotta, D. Meyer, F. Handle, R. Nuster, G. Paltauf, and O. Scherzer
    Journal of Biomedical Optics 16(08):086002, 2011.

Book Chapters

  • Integrating Detectors for Photoacoustic Imaging
    H. Grün, T. Berer, K. Felbermayer, P. Burgholzer, M. Holotta, G. Zangerl, R. Nuster, and G. Paltauf
    InTech, ISBN:978-953-307-769-7, 2011


  • Influence of bandwidth and detector size to the resolution of photoacoustic tomography
    M. Haltmeier, O. Scherzer, and G. Zangerl
    Proceedings MATHMOD 2009 in Vienna, ARGESIM Report no. 35, 2009.
  • Cylindrical coordinates in thermoacoustic tomography
    G. Zangerl, O. Scherzer, and M. Haltmeier
    Proc. to Inverse Problems, Design and Optimization Symposium (IPDO 2007), Miami, Florida, USA: 564–569, 2007.
  • Photoacoustic tomography with integrating fiber-based annular detectors
    H. Grün, H. Altmisdört, G. Paltauf, G. Zangerl, M. Haltmeier, and P. Burgholzer
    Proc. SPIE 7968 SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando USA, 2011.


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