Published 2014

  • Graphical Lasso Granger method with 2-levels-thresholding for recovering causality networks
    S. Pereverzyev Jr., K. Hlavackova-Schindler
    Chapter in C. Pötzsche, C. Heuberger, B. Kaltenbacher, F. Rendl: System Modeling and Optimization 443, pp.220-229, 2014 [pdf pdf button]

  • Deblurring algorithms accounting for the finite detector size in photoacoustic tomography
    H. Roitner, M. Haltmeier, T. Berer, H. Grün, D.P. O'Leary, R. Nuster, G. Paltauf, P. Burgholzer
    J Biomed Opt 19(5):056011, 2014
  • Parameter identification for an advanced material model for intact rock
    D. Unteregger, G. Hofstetter, M. Haltmeier, A. Ostermann
    Chapter 37 in M. A, Hicks, R. B, J, Brinkgreve, A. Rohe (Editors): Proc. NUMGE 2014, pp.215-220, 2014
  • Spatial over-sampling and its influence on spatial resolution for photoacoustic tomography with finite sized detectors
    P. Burgholzer, H. Roitner, T. Berer, H. Grün, R. Nuster, G. Paltauf, M. Haltmeier
    Proc. SPIE 8943:89432K, 2014