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Priv.-Doz. Dr. Richard Kowar

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Phone: +43 512 507 53842

Address: Technikerstraße 13, 6020 Innsbruck - Austria
Room: 711a | 7th floor Civil Engineer Building


















  • Small frequency approximation of (causal) dissipative pressure waves
    R. Kowar
    Proc. The Fifth Symposium on Fractional Differentiation and Its Applications 2012 []




  • On the causality of electrodynamics and the Aharonov-Bohm effect
    R. Kowar 2011







  • Causality analysis of waves and wave equations obeying attenuation
    R. Kowar
    Research Report: Network FWF S105: Photoacoustic Imaging in Medicine and Biology, 2009, 6, January []







  • Reconstruction of Transducer Pressure Fields from Schlieren Data
    R. Kowar
    Proc. ECMI 2006, 2006


2005 - 2001


  • Estimation of the density, the wave speed and the acoustic impedance function in ultrasound imaging
    R. Kowar
    Inverse Probl.  21: 93-112, 2005
  • Numerical estimation of the acoustic impedance function of nonhomogeneous media
    R. Kowar
    Proc. ECCOMAS 2004, 2004
  • Convergence Analysis of a Landweber-Kaczmarz Method for Solving Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems
    R. Kowar, O. Scherzer
    Ill-Posed and Inverse Problems, Romanov, V. G. and Kabanikhin, S. I. and Anikonov, Yu. E. and Bukhgeim, A. L., 253 (18), 2003
  1. Numerical comparison of iterative regularization methods for a parameter estimation problem in a hyperbolic PDE
    S. I. Kabanikhin, R. Kowar, O. Scherzer, V. V. Vasin
    Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems, 9(6), 615-626, 2001


2000 - 1997


  1. (Doctoral Thesis) Inversion Techniques in Ultrasound Imaging
    R. Kowar
    Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz, 2000, October [pdf_buttonpdf]
  • Parameter estimation in a hyperbolic partial differential equation with focused sources as initial value
    R. Kowar
    ZAMM 80(1): 113-116, 2000
  1. On the Landweber iteration for the solution of a parameter identification problem in a hyperbolic partial differential equation of second order
    S. Kabanikhin and R. Kowar and O. Scherzer
    J. Inverse Ill-Posed Probl. 5: 403-430, 1998
  • (Diploma Thesis) Vector-valued Distributions
    R. Kowar
    Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz, 1997, August [pdf_buttonpdf]