• The quasi-optimality criterion in the linear functional strategy
    Stefan Kindermann, Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr., Andrey Pilipenko
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • The Averaged Kaczmarz Iteration for Solving Inverse Problems
    Housen Li, Markus Haltmeier
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Regularized Nyström subsampling in regression and ranking problems under general smoothness assumptions
    G.L. Myleiko, S. Pereverzyev Jr., S.G. Solodky
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button]
  • On the configuration space of planar Closed kinematic Chains
    Gerhard Zangerl
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf  pdf button]
  • Operator learning approach for the limited view problem in photoacoustic tomography
    Florian Dreier, Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr., Markus Haltmeier
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Iterative Methods for Photoacoustic Tomography in Attenuating Acoustic Media
    Markus Haltmeier, Richard Kowar, Linh V. Nguyen
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Total Variation Minimization Compressed Sensing
    Felix Krahmer, Christian Kruschel, Michael Sandbichler
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Sequential Learning of Analysis Operators
    Michael Sandbichler, Karin Schnass
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Dictionary Learning from Incomplete Data
    Valeriya Naumova, Karin Schnass
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Deep Learning for Photoacoustic Tomography from Sparse Data
    Stephan Antholzer, Markus Haltmeier, Johannes Schwab
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Efficient regularization with wavelet sparsity constraints in PAT
    Jürgen Frikel, Markus Haltmeier
    Submittet, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Analysis of the Linearized Problem of Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography
    Markus Haltmeier, Lukas Neumann, Linh V. Nguyen, Simon Rabanser
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • Galaxy And Mass Assembly: Automatic Morphological Classification of Galaxies Using Statistical Learning
    S. Sreejith, S. Pereverzyev Jr., L.S. Kelvin, F. Marleau, M. Haltmeier, J. Ebner, et al.
    Submitted, 2017
  • A Galerkin least squares approach for photoacoustic tomography
    Johannes Schwab, Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr., Markus Haltmeier
    Submitted, 2017 [pdf pdf button] []
  • A Machine Learning Framework for Customer Purchase Prediction in the Non-Contractual Setting
    Andrés Martínez, Claudia Schmuck, Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr., Clemens Pirker, Markus Haltmeier,
    Submitted, 2016 [pdf pdf button]
  • Convergence radius and sample complexity of ITKM algorithms for dictionary learning
    Karin Schnass
    Submitted, 2016 [pdf pdf button]